About us

Dantel is an Essex based company that has won a high reputation in the building industry headed by director Tyrone Callaghan.

Tyrone now runs the busness following many years of gathering all the necessary experience from his well known and respected father Terry.

Dantel employs only the highest skilled tradesmen to undertake work from basic house and factory refurbishment to high-end house and flat construction.

We undertake complete projects from land purchase to obtaining building permission, commissioning architecture through SK architect, negotiating solicitors as necessary and finally finishing the job with an agreed timeframe.

We welcome clients that either wish to ell us their land or have Dantel develop their personal requirements regarding the construction, design and permission to build on such land assuring them that our rates are very competitive. We follow a strict code of health and safety regulations and our staff receives all the necessary training regarding national building dress and behaviour rules.

For those that require assurance of our standards, comprehensive examples of our work can be viewed at convent times.